Building a website

Have you ever thought of building a website by your own but you weren’t be able to, because of not having the knowledge of how and where to start building a website?

Well, you are not alone have such kind of failed desire, many too have that. Nowadays, this not as difficult as it were in the past where everything in this case building website could be done from scratch and start coding, Iyooh..!, just imagine how difficult were that be. If you want to build your website just don’t be worry, why I am maybe saying that? Well, there are many platforms and page builders out there that can let and help you to build your very first website in easy steps even you don’t have any knowledge of doing coding by yourself or maybe thinking of web developers out there.

Let us look the platforms that will help you to build your very stunning website ever:

1.WordPress – is the best platform out there that can help you to build your website in a very easy steps. WordPress is one of the best and easy to use platform that is widely use by None techies like you and even the experienced web developers and designers. If you would like to build your website but you don’t have the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I recommend you to use WordPress as your machine of building your website.

2.Joomla– is also one of the best website builder platform out there that does the same [build website]. I like its way of designing website, but if you are a beginner, you won’t be able to even start building a website, not for beginners because it is tough. If you want to use Joomla it is also a good idea because it is a very good website developing platform

3.Drupal – also the best platform that can allows the developer to build their website easily without having the knowledge of coding. As i detailed earlier on, if you are the beginner, this will be also tough for you to build your website on your own

4. Then others, they are quite a lot out there, to mention few, Wix, Weebly, Webs and so on..

To conclude, they are all platforms that can allows you as the new developer to build your website easily with out having the knowledge of coding

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